Symphonize was hired by the developer of a widely deployed healthcare business analytics solution (“the client”) to cloud-enable its platform and take the application’s capabilities to the next level.

The company's HIPAA compliant healthcare analytics platform goes beyond traditional dashboard or reporting tools, allowing easy analysis and reporting on key metrics from many data sources to optimize understanding and performance across an entire organization.

Built exclusively for healthcare providers, it offers business intelligence technology that gives insight into clinical and financial performance, allowing them to optimize revenue, increase productivity, and improve patient care.


Healthcare organizations are inundated with data and analyzing it for actionable insight has grown increasingly complex. Shifting regulations, escalating payment hurdles, and limited resources make using a proven analytics solution a necessity.

The client had an industry-leading product with a rich feature set but needed to modernize the product, make it fully cloud-enabled, and address customer and channel partner concerns about underlying technology approaching end-of-life. The client was struggling to support a patchwork of legacy applications with limited documentation. Customers were getting frustrated and starting to look at competitive products.

The following application modules needed to be re-platformed and enhanced:

  • Administration Module
    • This module was a Silverlight-based application that could only run on a limited set of browsers
  • Dashboard Module
    • The existing dashboard was a web application that needed upgrading to share the same design philosophy and technology stack used in the other two modules
  • Designer Module
    • This module was a Windows-native application that had been recently upgraded to use HTML 5 specification but was missing the charting components and needed an upgraded web version of the module to use Angular 6.0 libraries


Symphonize completed a series of digital transformation initiatives to cloud-enable and modernize the legacy application while successfully retraining the client’s staff to manage the new tech stack.

The Symphonize team began by gathering user stories, prioritizing requirements, documenting specifications, and creating process flowcharts for functional use cases. They provided the client with immediate value in the form of technical due diligence and decision support, then produced a detailed roadmap for the project that included the cloud strategy and architecture. Everyone understood the plan, which included developing a common code base to make it easier for business-critical applications to interoperate.

The project was done in phases, starting with a lift-and-shift from on-premise servers to AWS that increased security and moved away from underlying technology that was becoming outdated, thus posing a risk of failure or regulatory non-compliance. Moving to the AWS cloud saved the client nearly 60% in infrastructure spending.

Symphonize prepared the client’s in-house development team to operate in their new cloud environment by holding a series of brown bag lunches and setting them up with an AWS Sandbox to provide hands-on experience with the tools. Helping the team understand the myriad benefits of the AWS ecosystem and get comfortable with the services, tools, and resources available to them was a critical step in modernizing the way the client does IT.

The second phase began the process of rebuilding the extremely complex product from the ground up. By leveraging microservices and following continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, they had a consistent, automated way to build, package, test, and deploy the application.

With the client's team providing the subject matter expertise and user acceptance testing, and the Symphonize team providing the design, development, and UX expertise, the team was able to move much faster. Throughout the project, Symphonize acted as a seamless extension of the client’s team, with responsibilities including prioritizing work items to complete in each sprint, maintaining the product backlog in JIRA, and enforcing code standards.

Symphonize designed and developed the application modules to an HTML 5 based Angular 6.0 and Asp.Net WebAPI Services backend. The application modules were integrated using a Single Sign-On service using OAuth 2.0 specification. The back-end application logic was updated to a REST-based WebAPI consumed by the application modules.


With the application fully web-based and the UX completely revamped, even non-technical users find it intuitive and easy to use. The robust reporting environment makes it easy to analyze data. The client funnels what would be an overwhelming amount of financial and clinical data into a streamlined package that is easy for all types of users to navigate and understand. Customers can use the built-in dashboards or create custom ones using the click and drag interface to generate heat maps, review KPIs, and gain additional insights. New features and functionality can be added regularly, and the underlying technology is secure.

The monthly subscription fee includes system maintenance, seamless upgrades, and nightly backups to ensure that data is safe. In most cases, customers' costs are lower than before moving to the cloud, and they do not have to rely on system support from third parties.

The client, their customers and channel partners are all very pleased with the massive upgrade.

“A lot of offshore partners “yes” you to death. They’ll agree to anything to win the business, but once they’re under contract, they don’t deliver. The Symphonize team asks tough questions up front, makes sure whatever solution they build will actually fix your problem, and then gets it done.”
- CIO Healthcare Analytics & BI Company


  • Unified experience for all application components hosted on a secure, HIPAA compliant cloud (AWS)
  • Improved performance, availability, and disaster recovery
  • Serverless microservices architecture leveraging AWS Lambda made the product faster to develop, easier to scale, and will accelerate time-to-market for new features
  • Modernized user interface
  • Addition of many powerful new features requested by customers including customizable dashboards and more robust reporting

Symphonize has experience helping clients in a wide variety of industries take advantage of the latest technologies to deliver innovative services and products to their customers efficiently. Whether you know the exact process you want to automate or are just starting to explore what automation can do for your business, Symphonize can help.

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