Case Study

A prominent global enterprise software company

Opening new markets, reducing time-to-value, and improving customer satisfaction with a low-code/no-code integration application.

A global enterprise software company faced challenges integrating their software solution into their end-customers’ IT environments. The process typically costs upwards of $100,000 and requires dedicated, high-value SMEs. As a result, the solution was unaffordable for SMB customers and even large enterprise customers were frustrated by long implementation cycles of 6+ months. The client recognized the need to reduce the cost of integration to increase their top-line revenue.

The client chose us to build a solution that would address these integration challenges. We were tasked with developing a solution that would enable faster integrations with enterprise back-office systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Zuora. The solution needed to eliminate the need for extensive custom development, scale on demand up to 500k transactions per day per client, and provide both no-code and low-code integration options while ensuring an extensive audit trail for administrators.

We used AWS, React, and NodeJS to develop a solution that met the client’s requirements. The solution enabled configurable, bi-directional data synchronization, and automated all critical business processes. The API-first implementation was 100% cloud-native, highly scalable, and requires no middleware.

As a result, time-to-value for client customers was decreased from 6+ months to a few days, lowering implementation costs by 12x. The solution created upside opportunities of more than $1 million per year and increased revenue through down-market sales. Customer satisfaction also improved due to faster and more affordable integrations.



Workflow Design

UX/UI Design

Large-scale web application

Low-code/no-code platform

CRM & ERP Integration

Billing systems integration

Testing and QA

User Testing


Data Security

We deliver solutions to:

Patricia Campbell, Chief Operating Officer.
Christian Financial Credit Union
"The Symphonize team is amazing! Their ideas and designs for our website are truly exceptional, and they consistently follow through on delivery. With their flexible, collaborative approach, they are a pleasure to work with, and we just love the end result."
Sean Johnston, Senior Vice President - Operations and Technology.
Huntington National Bank
"The Symphonize team makes it so much easier! They can see through the complexity and the outliers to pull together an elegant solution that makes a complex product more intuitive. The team is always great to work with, challenging us when needed and helping us see beyond our requirements. We’ve been thrilled with the results so far and look forward to what the future will bring."
Ed Rose, CEO.
"Symphonize brings the expertise we need to make good decisions and stay calibrated. Our teams work together seamlessly. If you sat in on a working session, it would be hard to tell the Symphonize folks from my team. They have a seat at the table for every important decision."
David Jones, CIO.
Meridian Medical Management
"Symphonize is a one-stop shop that supports us at every stage: from whiteboarding to architecture to development to implementation. They know what the market is doing and reliably guide us to next generation technologies that will put us ahead of our competition."
Fady Zoweil, VP of Professional Services.
Thales Group
"The Symphonize Solution Architects and development team are excellent. We can assign tough tasks and know they will do them right without creating complexity or delays. I trust Symphonize to deliver on our commitment and achieve our customer’s goals because they've been doing it for 8 years now."
Terry Leahy, CEO.
Meridian Medical Management
"We have been successfully partnering with Symphonize for many years on a broad variety of technologies and product roadmaps. From Big Data analytics product development to rapid development and deployment of RPA, Symphonize has been our key strategic relationship. Their team functions seamlessly as an extension of our product management teams, which has enabled us to dramatically increase release velocity and quality simultaneously."

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