Customized services adapted to your needs

Symphonize uses cutting-edge technology and enterprise application integration techniques to develop custom applications that are unique, scalable and exclusively designed for your business, gaining you competent business differentiation and giving your business an edge over competition.

Custom Web Apps Custom Web Apps

Custom Web Apps

We deliver secure, reliable, and cost-effective custom web applications matching our client’s unique requirements. We deliver smart customization of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software developed for the cloud, matching client's vision.

Prototyping & UX/UI Design Prototyping & UX/UI Design

Prototyping & UX/UI Design

We deliver functional prototypes for your ideas, vision of future product, website or systems by creating innovative user interfaces (UI) with an aim to deliver meaningful user experience (UX). We help you realize the vision early to avoid potential pitfalls and save money and time.

Technology Consuting Technology Consuting Rollover

Technology Consulting

We bring you the best of technology expertise and implementation strategy across multiple domains aimed at functional know-how, in-depth business process, and system design. We ensure your businesses use technology efficiently, effectively and in-line with your goals.

Mobile Apps Mobile AppsRollover

Mobile Apps

We help take your sales, services or marketing efforts to most popular mobile platforms. Take your ideas to AppStore with our technology capability along with impressive user experience delivered using our unique solution delivery model and usable mobile application frameworks.

Applications Integrations Applications Integrations

Application Integration

Our technical expertise and meticulous attention to detail helps to achieve seamless integration with latest technologies, high availability and application security at every stage. We build micro services or ESBs bringing Enterprise interoperability across your organization.

Maintenance Support Maintenance Support

Maintenance & Support

Our wide-ranging maintenance services ensures enhancements, incident handling, and consulting to a 24X7 support. Our built-in processes for efficient escalation and personnel accessibility along with established processes guarantee the best possible ongoing support for your changing needs.

Testing QA Testing QA

Testing & QA

We offer comprehensive testing services following highest levels of usability, performance, security, compatibility and industry standards across domains. Our high-skilled QA personnel put your applications through a rigorous testing process that ensures infallible results, performance and compliance with top standards of quality, ensuring faster deployment and superior product performance.

legacy migration legacy migration

Legacy Migration

We help organizations take decisions on migrating their current applications to a newer version or re-engineering it with new technologies. Our experts perform cloud enabling of your custom Applications to Amazon AWS and Azure platforms.

Dedicated Teams Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

We help you reduce operating costs and improve your productivity with our dedicated team of experts delivering solutions round the clock. Our highly secure environment, infrastructure and collaboration using agile methodologies help in building projects of greater complexity and scale across multiple domains.

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