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Gild Insurance Agency

Transforming the insurance industry by streamlining the quoting process with AI, leading to increased value and convenience for customers.

Gild approached us with a vision to rethink the business insurance industry’s approach to serving small and solo enterprise customers. Its founding team had identified a disconnect between what these customers need – individualized coverage, administered quickly and helpfully – and the prevailing manual, inefficient methodologies of traditional insurance quote and binding. They formed Gild to bridge this gap and enable greater numbers of small business owners, freelancers, and solopreneurs to thrive while protecting their independence.

The backbone of Gild is Gildber, the friendly AI chatbot that serves as Gild’s mascot and conduit of communication between customers and Gild’s growing community of partner carriers. Gildber was designed and engineered by us to leapfrog shoppers ahead in the quoting process by gathering a tiny bit of information and using it to access additional information from insurance databases. Gildber uses the information to triage needs and present the customer with recommendations, costs, and ultimately bind the chosen product(s).

Contrasted with the old way of doing things that involved lots of phone calls and trips to a brick & mortar agency, Gild is designed to meet this unique set of customers where they are, which is usually working with snatches of time between juggling customers, deliveries, and employees, and trying to squeeze in shopping for insurance from a handheld device.

In addition to working with Gild to design and engineer Gildber, our role on the project included fleshing out the complete user experience; designing workflows for consumer education, quote, bind, payment, and account management; website design and engineering; cloud-based architecture and data security; and ongoing operations, maintenance, and security monitoring.

Gild is gaining significant traction in the marketplace and is turning heads with its fresh approach to solving problems and adding value. We are proud of the feedback from Gild team leader Mary Hoeprich:

“Gild’s insurance agency partners are leaders in digital insurance technology. They’re incredibly impressed with the experience on our website, especially the use of tech to present accurate insurance knowledge. They’ve never seen anything like it. Thank you for the great partnership and congrats, team!”

With the first version of the site launched, we continues our commitment to Gild’s success and our dedicated design and development team remains engaged, seamlessly implementing additional functionality, workflow improvements, engineering for carrier onboarding and integration, and more. The result is a crisp and clean yet approachable experience for Gilders and an open road to adding additional products, services, and innovations for Gild.

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Patricia Campbell, Chief Operating Officer.
Christian Financial Credit Union
"The Symphonize team is amazing! Their ideas and designs for our website are truly exceptional, and they consistently follow through on delivery. With their flexible, collaborative approach, they are a pleasure to work with, and we just love the end result."
Sean Johnston, Senior Vice President - Operations and Technology.
Huntington National Bank
"The Symphonize team makes it so much easier! They can see through the complexity and the outliers to pull together an elegant solution that makes a complex product more intuitive. The team is always great to work with, challenging us when needed and helping us see beyond our requirements. We’ve been thrilled with the results so far and look forward to what the future will bring."
Ed Rose, CEO.
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David Jones, CIO.
Meridian Medical Management
"Symphonize is a one-stop shop that supports us at every stage: from whiteboarding to architecture to development to implementation. They know what the market is doing and reliably guide us to next generation technologies that will put us ahead of our competition."
Fady Zoweil, VP of Professional Services.
Thales Group
"The Symphonize Solution Architects and development team are excellent. We can assign tough tasks and know they will do them right without creating complexity or delays. I trust Symphonize to deliver on our commitment and achieve our customer’s goals because they've been doing it for 8 years now."
Terry Leahy, CEO.
Meridian Medical Management
"We have been successfully partnering with Symphonize for many years on a broad variety of technologies and product roadmaps. From Big Data analytics product development to rapid development and deployment of RPA, Symphonize has been our key strategic relationship. Their team functions seamlessly as an extension of our product management teams, which has enabled us to dramatically increase release velocity and quality simultaneously."

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