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Ashok Cherukuri

CES 2024 Recap: The Future of AI-Driven Consumer Tech Unfolded

The 2024 new year celebrations for tech enthusiasts kicked off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2024. I was excited to be there with our team as we were part of the Mitsubishi Electric AnyMile drone delivery simulation. The demonstration at the Mitsubishi Electric booth was nothing short of a triumph, capturing the intricate choreography of drone delivery. It was a testament to the collaborative spirit of our engineering and design teams, who, in a remarkable feat of ingenuity and perseverance, accomplished what seemed like an insurmountable task as the deadline loomed.

During my exploration at CES 2024, it became apparent that the consumer electronics landscape is broadening dramatically. Automobiles, once a sector apart, have now emerged as the new hallmark of consumer technology, redefining the very essence of electronic innovation. The automotive industry's leap forward was nothing short of astonishing, with cars showcasing not just enhanced technical prowess but becoming the epitome of consumer electronics themselves.

The heightened expectations from tech-savvy auto consumers are palpable, as they anticipate the realization of vehicles that aren't just connected but possess a level of intelligence akin to a highly intuitive co-pilot. The modern automobile's intrinsic connectivity lays the groundwork for endless enhancements in software and firmware, perpetually evolving through over-the-air updates.

AnyMile demo at CES 2024

Furthermore, this connectivity heralds a golden era where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are no longer just auxiliary features but central to the autonomous driving experience, safety protocols, and in-vehicle entertainment systems. It's clear that the industry stands on the cusp of a transformative era where technology and transportation converge to redefine mobility. AI and ML have transitioned from a novel concept to a cornerstone of contemporary business strategy, with a myriad of companies reinventing their brands to harness its market-transforming potential.  

CES served as a vivid showcase of this shift, with a dazzling array of AI-centric innovations on display. At CES, it became abundantly clear that organizations are not merely adopting AI technology but are weaving it into the very fabric of their product offerings. The progress in conversational interfaces and sophisticated language models has ushered in an era that can only be described as a renaissance—an abrupt leap forward following a period of gradual evolution.

Much of what is unveiled at CES leans towards the conceptual, serving as a visionary glimpse into the realm of possibility. While it's true that not all prototypes make the leap into production, their presence is invaluable. They offer a window into our potential technological trajectory, spotlighting the direction in which innovation could steer us. CES affords us a first-hand look at the tech horizon, allowing us to witness and comprehend the tech world's swift evolution.

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